Meet Lila, Lily, Wild Lily. My 7 year old ragdoll and where my love for animals grew. 

My mother was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia when she was 35 years old, and it was something that she lived with from when I was born. She was taking that much pain medication that it was slowly killing her. After years and years of research, she decided to completely strip all medication and has been medication free since 2010. She is the strongest person I know and where my love for natural medicine began.

After being in the natural health industry for over 10+ years & studying Nutrition and Naturopathy, it was always my dream and goal to support small business & provide the latest in sustainable, eco-friendly and natural health products. I live and breath health and wellness, it is my passion and something that I feel has been lacking in education within the community. 

Thus, an idea was born; Wyld Lily. I have personally filtered through every product, read every ingredient list & researched every company to ensure quality, and so you don't have to. 

Thank you for supporting small business 🤍 We are changing the world, one purchase at a time.