Developed in conjunction with, this Guide is designed to help residents take action to live more sustainably at home and in the community. The Guide is packed with ideas, tips and inspiration about how small, easy changes can have positive impacts on the environment and your health and wellbeing - and save you money too!

So go on, challenge yourself to take up a new sustainable action today! Find out just how easy it is to work towards creating a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and our children's children.

Top ten actions

  1. Insulate, shade and weatherproof your house
  2. Eat organic food
  3. Harvest and use your rainwater
  4. Recycle building waste
  5. Buy an energy efficient car
  6. Avoid eating endangered fish
  7. Nurture and conserve biodiversity
  8. Generate your own electricity
  9. Reduce and offset car emissions
  10. Assess your home's sustainability